SSS Days 18-21

Sorry for the absence, I had a crazy weekend/beginning of the week and was out the door before sunrise and in after sunset everyday, therefore had no time to take pictures for you guys, but this afternoon I put all my clothes back on and had a little photo shoot.

Day 18

Black Poplin New Look Blouse with Green recycled skirt

I wore this to IKEA, work and babysitting

Day 19

I made another striped mini tee shirt dress but I didn’t like the length so now its a tunic, but I wore it to work tucked into my black full skirt

I wore this to work, dinner with boyfriend, and while studying into the wee hours of the night

Day 20

Wore this to class, including my Animal Physiology test, then to lab all afternoon and then went to go get a new phone and out to dinner with the family

Day 21

I was ready to repeat my last outfit with this skirt…but I couldn’t find the top and I was in a hurry so I cheated today.  I wore a tank top from target, a sweater from American Eagle and a self-stitched skirt.  I wore them to class and to run some errands

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of regular posts this week


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