SSS Days 22 and 23

 SSS Day 22

I wore my Seahorse top and my denim capris,  I’m kinda uncomfortable wearing this top since I’m wearing it to class and not the beach or a pool party or somewhere people won’t look twice at me wearing seahorses 🙂 I’m hoping that since the seahorses are small it just looks like a random orange and blue print.

Haha I have the weirdest faces in all of these pictures, I would get kicked off ANTM for not being aware of my face (and also for being 5ft 3 in)  Today I wore my red wrap dress again, I love this dress so much!  I wish I could wear it everywhere, everyday.  Maybe I should make a red knit wrap dress for this fall/winter.  That would definitely be a statement dress.

Speaking of statements, I’m participating in the Lady Grey Coat Sew-A-Long that Gertie is hosting, I’m having issues finding the wool I want for the shell and I haven’t had any fitting issues with Colette Patterns so I’m taking the time that everyone else is taking to make their muslins to find the perfect shell fabric. I did buy the lining though, its a solid called “Wild Berry” and I think its pretty gorgeous,  I’ve got two more fabric stores to visit in my hunt before I turn to the web and spend more than I want to spend.

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