Beautiful Blogger…not so much this week

I got not one, but 2 beautiful blogger awards last week one from Lauren and the other from Q&S

Thank you very much ladies for the awards especially in a week where I barely posted 🙂

So onto ten things about me

1.  Fall is my favorite season, so you probably won’t see very much sewing going on over here cause I’m outside enjoying my favorite time of the year.

2.  I’m about to finish up my undergraduate degree in Biology at Georgia Institute of Technology, and after I graduate I plan on working at the mall…my brain needs a break. 

3.  I have a meeting Friday afternoon to discuss my first paid sewing gig!  I’m very excited!

4.  I’m very impatient…in life it sucks…in sewing it sucks, you should see the unfinished seams on some of my SSS clothes, after they have now been through the wash a few times.

5.  My parents and grandparents think that I’m spoiled and they make me really angry when they tell me that I’m spoiled, uh hello who do you think made me that way?  Maybe if you said no every once and a while I wouldn’t be so spoiled.  That being said I don’t ask for very much, for heaven’s sake I make my own clothes to save my parents money 🙂

6.  I love my job, I can’t wait to get out of bed on workdays and get to it.  I also feel very lucky to have a job that I love as I know that not everyone feels this way.

7.  I hate my name…I’ve never felt like a “Katie” so in college I dropped the “e” at the end hoping it would set me apart…nope I still have the most common name from my birth year.  My mom also has a plain name…I plan on breaking the trend when it comes to naming my children.

8.  I went to three different kindergartens…in the same year

9.  I have an extra bone in my left foot

10.  I’m really embarassed about the clothes that I made when I first started sewing…they are really bad.  I also still have some of the fabric I purchased before I really knew anyting about fabric…what was I thinking?

And the 5 lovelies I’m passing the award onto:

1.Rachel Red Lips

2.  MaxCalifornia

3.  IroIro

4.  The Cupcake Goddess

5.  Can’t Say Strawberry

No pressure ladies, answer the questions if you want, I’m just letting you know that I love your blogs and find them inspiring!

Ok, so this past week has been crazy hectic with tests and papers and rain and the sun setting earlier so I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of what I wore, but I did keep track of it so I’ll be having a photo shoot after class today and posting it all later tonight.  I’m very ready for SSS to be over since the semester is getting busier and busier.  I’m also ready to wear some comfy jeans, not these jeggings that keep sliding down my butt or the denim capris that have a saggy crotch. 

After wearing only hand made clothes for almost a month I can say that there will be some things not returning to my closet after September, I already have a pile of things going to charity at the end of the month, because they just aren’t working for me.  I’ve also gone through my handmade closet and picked out what is staying in there for fall/winter and what is going to the parents house for storage until spring.  Its looking sparse.  Usually I would make a list of what needs to be in there and turn myself into a factory, churning out clothes like I did at the beginning of the summer. 

What I ended up with at the end of summer was a pile of clothes that I made, not because I liked the fabric or the pattern, but because I needed a shirt, so I made one with seahorses on it?!  Instead of trying to make all my clothes, I’ve decided to make one really well made garment a month, something that I will need to wear the next month, so I’ll actually have to plan ahead.  I’ve decided that the garment I will make for October is the Lady Grey coat from Colette Patterns, since its Gertie’s sew-along.  I still need to find a good wool for the outside.


2 responses

  1. oh but you’re still so adorable even when not posting much! i thought you did a great job! i’ve definitely started viewing my wardrobe differently since SSS (i didn’t do me-made may or me-made march) so up til this past month i sewed dresses for the weekend. i don’t usually wear them to work. but i did learn about finishing seams and i started to figure out what i was missing that i could 1) make and 2) make to look better than RTW.

    i think we all learned a lot (even if it was just how to take better pics…yeah that was me!)

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