I am currently living in a very small studio apartment, that I love.  It has a small office nook in the kitchen area, that I thought would be perfect for sewing…its not, all my extra kitchen stuff has exploded onto my sewing table.  After living in this apartment for just over 2 months I’m realizing that I have some dead space and in a 600 sqft apartment (including the large porch) you CANNOT have dead space, so this afternoon I’ll be rearranging the apartment, hopefully I’ll have a more organized and useful sewing nook than I do now, pictures to follow.


2 responses

  1. Good luck with the organization! Put on some music and have fun with it! It’s a good chance to purge and sort everything, too. I can relate, in my last apartment there was no space for sewing so I just *didn’t* the whole time I lived there.. no good!
    If there’s one nearby, IKEA has great (and cheap) storage boxes and whatnot. Happy re-organizing!

  2. Oh, rearranging is fun, I really like to do it every once in a while (usually complete with a spring cleaning). Everything looks so new afterwards! 🙂

    Do show us some pictures after you’ve finished!

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