A Sneak Peek

So now is the time of year when I realize I need to buy Christmas presents for my entire family and friends and coworkers, luckily my friends and I do a White Elephant party every year so I only have to do one present for all 15 of them, but then I have 10 family presents to buy and at least 2 maybe up to 9 work presents to buy…and very little money with which to do so.  Luckily my family and coworked appreciate handmade gifts, so this year I’m looking for something quick and easy to make in bulk for all of them (at least all of the ladies).  Something that I could possible make from stash fabric or from fat quarters that I can buy for $2.50 at Whipstitch (which is right down the street from me now, really I can and do walk there).  I would also like to be able to cut several of these gifts out at once and put them together in 20ish minutes.  Tonight I’m testing (read: making for myself) the first option, that is a little more labor intensive than I’d like, but it might be great for people that deserve a better gift (Mom)

And I would have finished it tonight if it weren’t for that pesky missing box of zippers!  Several things seen to have gone missing since my move 2 months ago, the most recently noticed is a box containing 50+ zippers of various sizes and colors.  I think it may be in boyfriend’s room where I stored some of my extra things to when I have every thing in this very tiny apartment in the right place, so I can go get more of my crap that I have stored in random places (I’m like a squirrel with acorns) the trunk of my car, boyfriend’s room, my old closet at my parents’ house, etc.

Anyway I hope to get lots of sewing and studying done this week because yet again I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.  I think next year I’ll make my Christmas presents in January.

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