And the last person on Earth to make a Lady Grey coat is…..

ME!  I know I signed up for Gertie’s Lady Grey sew-along and I read the posts everyday but I never actually got started and here’s why:

  1. I don’t do muslins…muslin is commonly $5/yd, most of my fabric in my stash didn’t cost that much
  2. I couldn’t find affordable coating
  3. I couldn’t decide on my vision for the coat

Before the sew-along began I had envisioned a red canvas coat with white lining with black polka dots…I couldn’t find red canvas or polka dotted lining….anywhere

Then I pictured a dark purple wool coat with raspberry lining, FOUND and BOUGHT the lining, and found the wool but it was way too expensive so I decided to wait until I had a coupon, I waited and waited and waited, then there was a sale and I ordered it, but they ran out and my order could not be completed.

So I had pretty much given up on making this coat in time for the winter, when I stumbled into a Hancock Fabrics late one cold and dreary night, coatless mind you, only to discover the most gorgeous light gray wool…on sale 🙂

So I bought it and since I have a fever and therefore cannot go to class I cut out the shell today and am in the process of sewing it together.  I’ve also decided that last month I let school get the best of me, so for the remainder of the semester I will dedicate 30 minutes a day to sewing and 30 minutes a day to cleaning.

I haven’t taken any pictures of my Lady Grey progress because my apartment is a mess, so I’m off to do that 30 minutes of cleaning, wish me luck 🙂


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