Make Do and Mend

Today I’m spending my precious 30 minutes of sewing…mending.  I hate mending but I have to do it today.  Here’s why:

  1. My down comforter has sprung a leak, resulting in me waking up the past two mornings and having to spend 15-20 minutes picking small feathers out of my hair.
  2. This morning while getting dressed, I was snipping a few stray threads off my black full skirt and snipped a hole into it, the hole is located about an inch from the hem so I think I ‘ll just shorten the whole skirt.
  3. Yesterday while playing in a pet store a parrot ate a button off my favorite blouse!

Number 3 may have to wait because I can’t seem to find the spare button that came with that blouse and my local fabric store is damn near out of buttons after having a 50% off notions sale last week.  I believe the last day of the sale when I was there they had a lovely selection of rhinestone buttons still left…not what I need for the blouse.

In other news my Lady Grey coat is coming along nicely, I’m trying to get done at least one page of instructions a day, for anyone who has worked with Colette patterns before you know how fantastic the little instruction booklet is, I wish big 4 patterns came that way (although if they did I probably wouldn’t be able to get them for 99 cents).


2 responses

  1. I really need to do that. My best black pants need the hem repaired- I think I put my foot through part of it when I was putting my pants on wearing boots. I tore a bunch of stitches out which weren’t put in very well. Sew a button on my black jeans (actually, now, my grey jeans) and tighten buttons on 3 or 4 pants and skirts. Sew a new hook on the waist of a good skirt. Find a button that belongs on a fleece jacket-it was metal and I hope my son did not take it when he was looking for metal buttons for a steampunk Halloween costume. Of course there are always the tops and t-shirts that are too big. Losing weight is a mixed blessing.


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