New Current Projects Page

Yesterday I made the current projects page, I will try to keep it current as my projects change, but sometimes I get busy with other things.

Here is an update of those current projects:

I have finished the muslin for my client’s dress, but no pictures because it doesn’t fit me or my dressform and its kind of an ugly mish mash of all the big scraps of fabric in my stash (what a great way to clear those out!) I’ll be fitting her tomorrow and getting started on the real dress.  This will probably take over my sewing time since I want to be sure that it is finished well in advance of the wedding (Dec. 31st).

Here is what I have done on my Lady Grey so far, I have the other sleeve sewn together, but not set in the armhole yet.  I’ll definitely be finished with the shell by the end of this week, maybe the lining too, as it doesn’t seem to complicated.  I know this pattern calls for the lining to be free at the bottom, but I might handstitch the lining to the shell at the bottom, so that all the raw edges inside are contained.

These are my Christmas projects for my coworkers and girlfriends this year, they are from the Lil Cuties tutorial over at Noodlehead.  I’m also making more of these for my Dad’s lady coworkers, so I’ll have a lot more to show you before Christmas.


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