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AHHH where have I been since you’ve heard from me?   I got engaged!  So I’ve been in the whirlwind of talking to everyone I’ve ever met and telling them about my engagement.

So here’s the story:

Scene 1: November 20th, 2010, Kati’s messy apartment

We open, Kati has just gotten off work and Lee has met her at her apartment, she is exhausted and hungry and all sorts of general crankiness.  Kati gets a phone call from a friend.  While Kati is in the phone in the other room, Lee hides the ring box inside the coconut shell house of their pet toad (Wilson).  Kati reenters the room, off the phone.

Lee: I got a present for Wilson, its underneath the coco house.

Kati: OOOOOO!  Is the present new crickets?

Kati lifts up the coco house to find a white ring box.

Kati: This isn’t for Wilson! (Kati opens box)

Lee: Will you marry me?

Kati: YES!

hugs and kisses

Lee: Put on a nice dress I have a surprise for you.


Scene 2: Also November 20th, 2010, The Buckhead Club

Lee surprises Kati with a lovely dinner at the Buckhead Club, where she is surprised to find that her parents and brother, as well as Lee’s mom are there waiting to share in the excitement of the newly engaged couple.

So there is the story.  I am planning on making my wedding dress, but I am going dress shopping for several reasons:

1.  It’s fun

2.  I don’t know what style of dress I want to make, would hate to spend forever making a dress only to have it turn out to not look good on me

3.  I’m going to spy on all the construction details in all the high end designer wedding dresses, since I’m not planning on actually buying a dress I can try on the most expensive ones!


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  1. A million congratulations and more wishes for your happiness!

    My mother used to tell me of one of her friends who would attend weddings to get ideas. Yes, attend weddings- I don’t how she got in the door, since she did not know the people. I think she would read the paper – Atlanta was smaller then – and pick weddings. Then she would get dressed up in her finest and sit near the back- and take notes, I guess. She did have a beautiful wedding in the end- all details perfect. I never heard about the rest of her life though.


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