Oh my…

So I went to try on wedding dresses on Monday, just to make sure that I had the right style of dress in mind for my body.  And ladies I don’t think I can make my wedding dress.  The attention to detail and the workmanship in these gowns is PHENOMENAL!!!!!  I did find one gown that I LOVED (I don’t know if its the one though) this gown takes the dressmakers 6 months to make.  Considering that I’m getting married exactly 8 months from tomorrow I wouldn’t have time to make anything near as fabulous as the gowns I tried on Monday, with school, work, graduation, and all the other wedding planning junk I just don’t see my dress getting finished in time.

I’ve almost given up on trying to make my dress.  I’m still going to try more dresses on to see if I can find something equally as fabulous but maybe easier to make but I just don’t see it happening right now.


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  1. If it doesn’t work- don’t agonize over it! Six months may not be enough time. You have school and work and all this other, right? Enjoy your wedding. I’ll tell you sometime about my wedding and my daughter’s. We got things done- but it was insane.


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