New Year, New Direction

In 2011 I will go through many changes,  I’ll be graduating from college and (hopefully) getting a full time job,  I’ll be getting married, and shifting from being dependent on my parents to supporting myself to supporting myself and a student husband.  With all of these changes happening it it important for me to stay true to myself and not let my hobbies fall by the wayside as I have done recently.  So in 2011 I resolve to sew more often, but not focus on turning out so many garments as I did in 2010, instead to focus on making quality garments that are needed in my wardrobe.  I will also explore other types of sewing, like quilting.  I have been working on my hexagon quilt for quite some time now and I want to finish it before 2012.  I also want to quilt with and for others.  I think quilting is a wonderful way to make for others, especially since all my family and friends express that they want homemade gifts, but making clothes for others is so difficult (if you fit them their gift won’t be a surprise!).

I also think that learning quilting now will give me time to work out all the kinks before all my friends start having babies and I have to make a thousand baby blankets :)!

One response

  1. Hi Kati! I love the Hatchi knit from I just used it to sew a top (I just posted on it today) and it sewed up really nice. I’m going to cut another piece of it today!

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