What I can’t live without…my wardrobe essentials, Pt. 1

I’ve been thinking lately about the things in my closet that I wear over and over again.  My wardrobe essentials, that I wouldn’t be able to live without.  I’ll be posting one of my wardrobe essentials every week until I run out of essentials.  These are the garments or accessories that I will never be without, if they no longer fit I’ll save them for my kids, if they are damaged I will mend them, if they are beyond repair I’ll use them as a pattern to make their replacement.  They are classics…timeless.

This week:

My ivory leather jacket.  My uncle had this made for me when he was living in Colombia (South America, not South Carolina).  There were ladies down the street from him that could make anything from a picture so I sent him the Larissa technical drawing from Burdastyle and told him I wanted it in a light color.  The jacket was made exactly to my measurements and has silver hardware.  The sleeves are just slightly short of full length, so I usually wear it on chilly days not freezing days (like we’ve had this week, snowed in for 3 days!!!!).  It pairs really well with a loose top and skinny jeans as the waist snap cinches me perfectly.

What are your wardrobe essentials and what do they mean to you?



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