what to do, what to do?

I have hit a point in my hexagon quilt where I’m out of fabric and most of my fabrics have come from charm packs so I’m reluctant to piece them all together because it won’t look like randomness if a bunch of similar fabrics are together.  So what is a girl to do…buy more fabric of course.  I decided that until I add 100 more random prints I’m not buying anymore charm packs, that should get some variety in the quilt.  In order to buy more random fabrics without spending a fortune on fabric I don’t need I decided to start another quilt, this one will be a quicker project than the hexagons.

I started a New Wave Quilt, the pattern is from Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!.  I got 12 fat quarters and I have them all cut up and ready to go, I’m just waiting until I can get my hands on some white cotton for the sashing.  I’m doing this quilt in greens and blues.

In the picture the lime greens look yellow!  I bought 12 fat quarters from Whipstitch and I’m waiting for them to get some more white cotton in for the sashing.  I have all the prints cut out, now I’m just waiting on the sashing.  What is the point of starting another quilt when I haven’t finished the 1st one?  I need more fabric so I need to use more quilting cottons.  This means that I need to quilt more often or make little projects with quilting cottons.  the fat quarters left me with enough fabric left over to make hexagons and maybe a throw pillow or two to match my quilt.


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