Spring Palette Challenge…catching up

The week 2 part of the spring palette challenge is to choose your patterns and fabrics, which was easy for me because I already picked my fabrics, I just needed  to go through my pattern stash and decide what to make.

From left to right:

New Look 6808 in AMH innocent crush voile

Colette Patterns Beignet in Dark Red cotton twill

McCalls 6124 in AMH Innocent Crush cotton

McCalls 5929 in AMH Little Folks voile

Colette Patterns Chantilly in AMH Innocent crush cotton

If I don’t have time or money to finish all of these I’m throwing out M6124 because I don’t have this pattern yet so if I don’t do it then I don’t have to go buy it.

I’ll be going to Whipstitch to get what I can and the rest will be from fabric.com

Next week I’ll get started on the New Look blouse (because its the easiest)


3 responses

  1. Love all of these! Make an extra of each for me please! I’m even further behind than you are (haven’t even done my mood board yet) but have been so inspired by everyone’s posts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I saw your palette on the forum and had to click through to find out what that first pattern was….I’ve looked through the New Look catalog dozens of times but 6808 never caught my eye. I must have it now! lol. Which version will you be making?

    • thanks! I haven’t decided which version yet, I might come up with my own version. I am with you on the new look catalog I looked through it tons of times, their pictures and sketches look so dated, when I started looking at the technical drawings I saw their potential. 6808 is a breeze to sew!

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