Spring Palette Challenge…Week 3

Shopping List:

For New Look 6808 version A (modified)

1 3/8 yds of Innocent Crush Voile Shattered Sky by Anna Maria Horner

A matching 16″ zipper (this seems like a big zipper for a blouse)

For Colette Patterns Beignet

2 yds of Lightweight cotton twill in Red

12 3/4″ buttons

For M5929 Version A

2yds of Little Folks Voile Diamond Mine in Pomegranate by Anna Maria Horner

5 1/2″ buttons

For M6124 Version C

2yds of Innocent Crush Woodcut Sass Blue by Anna Maria Horner

8 1/2″ buttons

For Colette Patterns Chantilly

4 yds of Innocent Crush Maybe Indigo

4 1/2 yds of lining

16″ invisible zipper


Since we have 7 weeks to finish these garments for the sew along I’ve come up with a schedule for myself

Week 3: Buy for NL 6808 and Beignet, cut out pieces

Week 4: Sew NL 6808 and Beignet

Week 5: Buy for M5929 and M6124, cut out pieces

Week 6: Sew M5929 and M6124

Week 7: Finish sewing M5929 and M6124, Buy for Chantilly

Week 8: Cut out Chantilly

Week 9: Sew Chantilly

Week 10: Finish sewing Chantilly and have a mini photo shoot!


Week 10 also happens to be my spring break 🙂


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