Tons of blog spam

I checked the blog tonight and all of a sudden my views skyrocketed today and I had like a billion spam comments!  Has anyone else had this problem?  How do I stop the spam stuff?  I’d like to know how many people are actually reading my blog without all the spam!


2 responses

  1. That’s amazing. I have written or looked at mine recently. I’ll have to see.

    I am a very faithful reader or your blog- as you may recognize the name.

    I have seen on Facebook, the Burda comments on patterns, and other blogs where it’s like people send the same comment three or four times. Was that what they did, or was it the junk my spam filter removes and I never see? We had a family website for a while where we posted pictures, etc- someone got in and, instead of comments, posted nekkid pictures. Weird!


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