Spring Palette Challenge Week 4

As you saw in the last post I have started sewing together NL6808 and keeping with my schedule that I made, I got the beignet skirt cut out.  I’m using red twill from fabric.com, I didn’t get the fabric until tuesday so I couldn’t have it cut out last week.  The twill is so lovely and lightweight, I decided not to line this beignet.  I’ll serge the insides and also leave off the pockets.  I do love a nice pocket but I want to see if the skirt has a more slimming look without the pocket bulge.  I might serge this before I do the new look blouse because this fabric was only $4.98/ yd and I have plenty left to cut out new pieces, and the AMH voile was bunches more expensive and I only have a little bit left (that I’d like to save for something else!)

Serger class starts tomorrow!  I’m very excite to finally learn how to use this wacko machine.  I picked it up from my parents’ house a few weeks ago but I forgot the power cord/pedal.  So last night I called home and asked my mom to grab it for me so I could pick it up Friday afternoon before the class…it wasn’t there!  So my mom and I have spent the last day going through our respective dwellings searching for this pedal/cord and neither one of us found it.  Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn (which is 8 am to me) I’ll be calling a local sewing parts warehouse to see if I can pick it up there.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Posting may be a little slow next week as I have 3 tests and engagement party #2, hopefully I’ll have some pictures from Serger 101 to share!


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