Bias Tape for the New Wave Quilt

I made bias tape for the new wave quilt!  I looked through the selection of premade  bias tapes and blanket bindings at the fabric store and was really unhappy with the options.  I looked at the Simplicity bias tape maker but that thing sets you back 100 smackeroos and you have to buy different size attachments to make different widths of bias tape.

Dana put up a tutorial not too long ago on how to make your own bias tape so I went to Whipstitch and bought a bias tape maker (the $7.50 one not the $100 simplicity one) and half a yard of fabric and followed the tutorial et voila!

I stuck with my green theme for the New Wave Quilt and got a green kind of leafy print with white in the negative space.  I stitched it on the quilt this morning and it is in the washer as we speak getting all soft and crinkly 🙂 Photos when its dry!


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