Me Made March ’11

I’ve signed up for Zoe’s Me Made March for this year.  Last year I found out about it at the end of March so I didn’t participate, then there was Me Made May, which I didn’t think I had enough me made clothes to participate in.  But in September I made it through the whole month in Self Stitched garments.

This year I’m stepping it down a little to just 1 handmade garment per day.  I don’t have many handmade cold weather clothes and March is usually warm but cold at night so this allows me to wear store bought sweaters and pants, leggings, etc.

This also coincides with when I’ll be finishing up the Spring Palette Challenge so hopefully all those clothes turn out nicely and I can get a lot of wear out of them.

Are any of you doing any challenges this year?  It seems like I’m taking on a bunch!



2 responses

  1. As I have no blog, I am not blogging about any challenges.

    But that does not mean I have no goals I want to achieve. I am starting a new job in March and I am sewing like mad for that. I will have a lot of meetings and conferences and as I am the organiser I will be in focus all the time.

    I made a nice inspiration board for that purpose and try to fill the wholes in my wardrobe so that I am pretty prepared for whatever will come 🙂

    By the way: I love your quilt!


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