Why I shouldn’t make a “quick trip” to Ikea

I “ran” into Ikea between classes today to get some curtains and a curtain wire, which I got.  And then a sales woman came on the intercom and reminded the shoppers to check the as-is section on their way out.  So I did…and I found the above kitchen table.  I’ve been looking for an affordable, solid, kitchen table for months and this one used to be a display so it was only $50.  It was also pre-assembled!  I managed to get it out of the as-is room and on my cart.  Then I went down to the parking garage, got half of the table in my car, but not the other half.  Then I carried the table over to the loading area, because I’d already given my cart to a passerby.  Then I drove my car over to the loading area and tied the table to the top of my car.  I used the last few yards of twine at the loading area and I wasn’t sure that the table was secure but I figured if I drove slowly I’d be ok.  I drove back to my apartment and got the table off my car and up to my 5th floor apartment all by myself.

The moral of this story is that I had 50 minutes to run in and out of Ikea “really quickly” and it took me almost 2 hours and I missed my class, while I was tying my table to my car and driving 10 mph home.

All that said I LOVE MY NEW TABLE!  Its solid pine and I’m going to paint it (not sure what color).


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