Red Beignet Finished…Kind of

I can’t find the last button that I need to sew onto the bottom of the skirt, but other than that and a good wash, this sucker is finished!

I’m officially on SPRING BREAK!  So I’ll be sewing a little bit this week in addition to tons of wedding planning and school work.

Tomorrow I’ll post progress on that secret project of mine.


2 responses

  1. That skirt looks so good. Love the pattern. I am suddenly realizing I have mostly print skirts, except for the ubiquitous black skirt and one denim. The black is what we call a “straight skirt,” but the others are aline or semi-full. I need more solid straight skirts.
    You don’t go in for prints too much, do you? Probably smart.

    • I mostly sew with solid fabrics, just because I find it easier to locate the solid colors I want than to locate the prints that I want. I buy cheap RTW in prints because prints tend to go in and out of style so quickly! I do have some print projects coming up because I’ve been so in love with Anna Maria Horner prints.

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