Blog Neglect!

Oh my poor blog!  I’ve neglected you so much.  Just a few short weeks until I’m finally done with college and working on the weekends, then I’ll be sewing lots of wedding things and sharing!


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  1. Last Monday night I had been commenting on your blog neglect, my blog neglect, a few days of Spring break fun in S.C (Spartanburg, etc). Suddenly I thought I heard hail and distant thunder. I was trying quickly to shut everything down when -boom-crash- more hail – heavy rain – and then the computer went out. – no lights – I quickly disconnected from the wall outlet. At first I thought that it was just a bad storm but my son said no- it’s bad. We could see a top of a tree down right outside the house. The next morning, alas, we found we had roof damage, etc. Still a mess in the yard, trying to get insurance, roofers and tree people over. Still, the light were back on around 2:30. I was afraid for the computer. It powered right up – but my network was knocked off line. However, it cmae right back up after I unplugged and replugged everything.

    Sometime I’ll recount all the blog neglect– and all the Old Maid games and Scrabble games and coaching on chess game,, and movies, and trips to the Greenville zoo, and other events of Spring Break.


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