Summer Sewing Plans

I’ve been planning my summer sewing, using only stash fabric so far.  I need to move through my stash because I may not have a designated sewing space when fiance and I move in together.  I’m trying to get it down to one bin of fabric, one bin of patterns and my sewing box (jam packed with notions) .

I’ll need several new items in my wardrobe this summer:

1. A 1 week wardrobe capsule for Paris

2.  Bridal shower dresses

3.  A rehearsal dinner dress

4. A going away outfit – to leave the reception in

5. A 1 week wardrobe capsule for Costa Rica

6.  Work clothes for the summer job

A lot of my stash fabric is actually fall/winter fabric but I need to get through it before I buy more fabric.  So I’ll be STASHBUSTIN’  For every 4 pieces of fabric I bust through, I can buy 1 new piece.

One area my wardrobe is seriously lacking is swimwear.  I made that adorable red and white polka dot swimsuit at the end of last summer, I’ll probably make another one of those for this summer.  I’m also thinking of buying one of Shabby Apples one piece swimsuits, they are super cute and some of them are affordable.

I’ll start off with Paris clothes and bridal shower clothes because I need them first!


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