What do you get when you combine…

3 yards of black linen blend and a free afternoon?

This and…


Thats right I made an A-line dress and a skirt in the past couple of hours, and also got rid of all the black linen in my stash (that was taking up alot of room in one of the bins)

THE DRESS – Simplicity 3833 size 10 view D

I made this one larger than I usually make and eliminated the zipper and back darts so that I could just slip it on. I also didn’t have enough fabric to face the armholes and neckline so I cut all the scraps on the bias and finished the armholes and neck with bias tape.   Its very comfortable but I don’t like it by itself.  I’ll try it out with some accessories this week before I make my final decision on whether this one is making it into my closet or going to Goodwill.

THE SKIRT – Simplicity 2258 aslo size 10 view C

I have to make a 10 in bottoms!  I’m a pear after all, I’ve made way too many size 4 and 6 skirts only to not be able to get them over the hips!  This one is SUPER comfy and it has 2 giant pockets on the front, they aren’t very visible in the picture. I really like this one with the white t-shirt, or any color t-shirt for that matter (except navy blue!).  This skirt is very wearable and its definitely making it into my closet.

Stashbustin’ report:

Stash Fabric used – 3 yards (1 piece)

New Fabric bought – 0!

P.S. Please pardon the no make-up and dirty hair in the photos!


3 responses

  1. You have given me ideas for a lot of navy blue linen I’ve had forever.

    Do you think you would like the black dress if you had put the darts and zipper In? How about if you come in more at the waist and then come out for the hips? I am an hourglass- and I have found I have to either need the empire waist right under the bosom then straight down, or in at the waist and out again.

    I like that skirt.


    • I don’t think I would like it more with the darts and zipper, my issues with it are mainly the high neckline and the width of the shoulder straps, I think with a cardigan covering the shoulders and a chunky necklace it could be a decent dress.

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