More secret project work

I’m almost halfway through these blocks and I have a pretty clear idea of how I want to lay them out.  I’m thinking 4 blocks by 5 blocks with wide white sashing and a bright bias tape binding.  I need to have it finished in about a month so I need to kick this project into high gear.  Anyone know if I can bring a sewing needle and embroidery scissors on a plane?


2 responses

  1. Call first- I’m doubting it these days. I used to bring my mending and hemming on airplanes – but, since 9-11, who knows! I do remember once I had an upholstery needle in my purse- no idea! They looked at it oddly, but, since it was blunt-curved- ws that a crewel needle!, they decided I couldn’t do much damage. Years ago.


    • I have brought sewing needles and embroidery scissors through ATL security with no issues! Just as long as the scissors are smaller than 4″ you’re good to go!

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