Portfolio Pants Finished!

I finished the portfolio pants today, using up all of the grey chambray that I bought for them, leaving nothing in the stash!  I cut a size 10 and made the back pieces longer at the top because I have a large derriere.  I then had to take the pants in at the waist and back center seam and I took about an inch off the top of the waistband because if I didn’t these pants would come up above my belly button.  I’m still having the whiskering issue that I had with the Retro denim pants that I made last summer, but not as bad on these pants after the alterations that I made.

This was my first successful invisible zipper, I’ve always struggled with them because I don’t have a zipper foot, but this morning when I got to the point where all I had left was the zipper and the hem I went out and bought myself an invisible zipper foot.  It was UNBELIEVABLY EASY once I had the foot!  I’ll never have invisible zipper issues again.

Overall I like the pattern, I probably won’t make it again though.  Now that I have these and I still have the retro denim pants I don’t think that I’ll have the need for any more high waisted capri pants.  I do need some wide leg trousers!


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