A rant on bras…

I went to a well known lingerie store yesterday intending to spend a couple hundred dollars on a bra to wear under my wedding dress, some honeymoon lingerie, etc.  I walked out without spending a dime.  Why?  Because every “sexy” bra had ridiculous amounts of padding, that i don’t need or want.  The only bras that were available without padding were full coverage cotton bras that were not what I was looking for to fit under my dress or to wear on my honeymoon.

After I left the store I got really mad at their designers and marketing, why do I need to add two or three cup sizes to be sexy?  Why can’t I be sexy the way I am?

I think after the wedding I’m going to put aside some time to learn to sew bras.


3 responses

  1. ugh i hear you!! i had a longline bra on under my wedding dress and i didn’t think it looked that bad. but in the pics, the girls look like they were on a silver platter!!! is it possible to build in a bra in your dress instead of having to wear one? my sister did that (september wedding in florida) and it worked beautifully 🙂

  2. Try Nordstroms- get fitted. They’ll do it for free. I had been buying 38Cs and looking droopy. I went to Nordstroms and got fitted and found I really wear a 34DDD- but I look much slimmer and smaller, believe it or not, in that size than in the other one. Once you get fitted, you can get great bargains on really good looking bras on line.

    I know the store you mean. I bought 2 of those , wasted lots of money because the ones they sold me were very padded- and that is the last thing I need.


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