Mother’s Day Gift


When I asked my mom what she wanted for Mother’s day I expected her to ask for a pedicure gift certificate or breakfast in bed or the like but my mom asked me to make a clutch wallet like the one I made for myself awhile ago.  I asked her what colors she wanted and she said neutrals with a little bit of color…

I went into the fabric store intent on finding cute browns with a hint of color and I did, then right before I had them cut I spotted out of the corner of my eye something even better!  Its probably not as neutral as my mom would have picked out for herself but if she didn’t want my design input she would have made a wallet herself (she is the woman who taught me to sew after all).

This picture is terrible!  I”m sorry I tried everything I could, the light pink in the picture is actually orange and the brighter pink is actually a deeper magenta, the other colors are warm browns and yellows.  Like I said probably not the “neutrals” that my mom would have picked but I think its the most beautiful one of these clutch wallets that I’ve made so far.  It also comes together really quickly.

If you’re in a crunch for a mother’s day present for your mom head over to Noodlehead for the tutorial.

For pictures from my zoo trip today head over to kati365


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