The Silence is Broken

Hi All!

I’ve been super busy, working full time, moving twice, and planning all the last minute details for the wedding (t-minus 1 week!) I’ve hardly had a minute to sew, let alone post on this blog.  I’m not even entirely sure where my camera is right now so I don’t have any photos of anything I’ve done recently.

In this last week almost everything is finished so I think with the help of my mother I can make one last dress to wear as my going away dress at the end of the wedding.  After lots of dress shopping I finally fell in love with a dress that I can’t afford.

Problems with this dress:

1.  The color: not white or even ivory, it is called “cloud grey” and is darker in person than in their website photo.

2.  The pricetag: $298.

I think I can copy it by modifying the Lisette Passport dress pattern.

The plan is to get it cut out and pinned together tomorrow then sew as much as I can before handing it over to my mother to finish up while I’m working.  That being said it would be fantastic if I could finish the whole thing tomorrow, it being such a simple design and all.

We’ll see if I can squeeze this one in with all the chaos this week, if not I might have to break into my “emergency dress” fund and buy the BCBG dress.


One response

  1. It’s good to have you back-briefly. Good luck on the dress and the wedding. Take a deep breath and say, “It will get done- or not.”

    When my daughter got married, we were still hanging drapes right before we left for the church. We had been leisurely remodeling and they told us mid-October they were getting married. Of course, he was working out of town and only got back a few times before the wedding, just enough to do the prenups so they could get married in the church. She wanted a tiny wedding- just parents and sibs on both sides. Then she wanted a big party at the house – our friends, their college friends, relatives, neighbors, the world. It actually did happen. We finished the LR and Dr and bathroom. (Kitchen finished 18 mos later in time for her brother’s rehearsal dinner.)

    I know you will be a beautiful bride and I wish you the very best. I hope you will keep blogging after the wedding.

    With love,

    Linda DeMars

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