Planning my Fall Wardrobe – Part 2

Since I’m about to be unemployed I’ll have plenty of time to sew but no money coming in, most of my fall wardrobe needs to come from patterns and fabric I already have.


The BLOUSES –  I looked through my existing pattern collection and found that I have 2 blouse patterns that stand out for my current job but I’m not sure if they’ll be appropriate for whatever I go into in a few weeks.  I think my best bet would be Simplicity 2365 because if it isn’t office appropriate I could still wear it around town.  I can’t find my TNT new look blouse pattern that I’ve made 3 versions of so I’ll have to buy a new pattern for that in the near future.  I also think I could make both of those anthropologie tops from a couple posts ago without a pattern.

The FOOTBALL CLOTHES – Football season is the hardest to shop for.  The first few games of the season are usually early in the day in the sun and its usually over 90 degrees, can I go nude please?  I have a gold dress that is very light and will get me through the first few games, then we have night games at the end of the season when the temperature can be in the 50s and 40s, for those I need some warmer clothes.  I’m thinking a McCall’s 5978 cardigan and a wool skirt (Butterick 5285) would keep me pretty warm as I cheer on my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets!

The COCKTAIL DRESSES – As previously mentioned I have 2 weddings to attend this fall and one at the end of the summer so one cocktail dress is going to be HIGH priority.  I’d really like to make 2 dresses since this area is very bare in my closet so I picked 2 patterns, one of them I showed y’all in a much earlier post.  Both are Vogue Patterns so I need to wait for a sale to get them but I could go ahead and pick out fabric and notions and have it all ready for when the pattern goes on sale.














Next – Fabric Planning


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