Planning my Fall wardrobe – Part 3

The fabrics!!!

I’m still following my use 3 pieces of fabric to buy 1 rule I set in place a while ago because my sewing storage space is now reduced to 2 medium storage bins in the closet, 2 filing boxes for patterns and one small sterilite 3 drawer bin for notions and tools.  My dressform is currently filling a corner of our living room so I need to keep her neat and tidy for when we have people over.

Anywho, back to the fabrics.  I have 3 yards of red jersey and of navy jersey that will come in handy.  I also have 1.5 yards of black Italian wool that I think would make a good pencil skirt to fall into the “office wear” category that I desperately need to fill.  I have some Indonesian batik that my father brought home from a recent trip that needs to get used up, I might use this to make one of the dresses for one of the weddings this fall (one is a beach wedding) .  Once I get through these I’ll go shopping for more but I really need to move through this stash.


I’d really like to get to a point where no fabric stays in my closet for more than one season.  I realize this is extremely optimistic.

Neither of the Vogue patterns were available at the most recent Vogue pattern sale so I got 2 different ones V1159  and V2899.  I’m in the middle of V1159, finished garment post soon.


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