New Sewing Room for a New Year

Yesterday was cold and rainy so what did I do?  Curl up inside with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa? Nope, boyfriend and I spent most of the day outside building a cutting table for my newly decorated sewing and craft room.  The thing is gigantic but I love it and I can’t wait until I have time to cut out patterns and fabric on it!

We went to Lowe’s and bought:

  • a pre-sanded sheet of plywood measuring 4 feet x 8 feet
  • one 2″x4″x16′
  • 25-3″ wood screws
  • Semi-gloss paint in Brass Mesh
  • Paint rollers and a tray

We took advantage of Lowe’s free wood cutting service and had them cut the 2″x4″ into 6- 30″ pieces and there was a foot leftover that we didn’t need.  I borrowed my dad’s drill and we carted all of the materials to my apartment where we spent the next few hours assembling the table and painting it in the rain (thank God for covered porches).

We screwed the plywood to the 2″x4″s and painted the plywood.  Then we carried it inside and put it in the corner of what is supposed to be the dining room, but hey I’m in college, I eat on the couch, so I turned it into a sewing room.

After an exhausting day of building and painting my table we called it a night.

So today I’ve spent most of the morning getting the rest of the room organized and here it is so far!

Roommate is learning how to sew so when she gets back from break she will also have a bookcase with her fabrics, notions, box, and patterns on it.

The vinyl wall stickers above the cutting table were a Christmas present from Aunt Marian and the dressform was my present from Mom.  I used the money from Uncle Jim d. to build the table so thanks everybody for contributing to my fantastic sewing room.

Now I have to get back to cleaning because I’m having people over tonight!