March 1st and 2nd

I forgot to take a picture yesterday so when I got up this morning I took two pictures!  That might be easier for me to do since Tuesday and Thursday are super busy days for me.

March 1st

Cream Kimono Sweatshirt Tee – made by me

My favorite jeans ever – American Eagle

March 2nd

Plaid Flannel Shirt – McCalls 5929 (2nd time making it)

Same Jeans as yesterday

Please forgive the terrible photos, my porch was in full sun this morning so I chose to take the pictures in the corner of the kitchen where it wasn’t super bright and I also had just hopped out of the shower, wet hair, no makeup-not pretty!

Yesterday in my 30 minutes of sewing I finished sewing and cutting open the buttonholes on my beignet skirt, so hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to get all of the buttons sewn on so I can wear it later this week!