Red Beignet Finished…Kind of

I can’t find the last button that I need to sew onto the bottom of the skirt, but other than that and a good wash, this sucker is finished!

I’m officially on SPRING BREAK!  So I’ll be sewing a little bit this week in addition to tons of wedding planning and school work.

Tomorrow I’ll post progress on that secret project of mine.


Beignet Button Dilemma

I can’t decide which buttons to put on my red beignet for the SPC.  It been holding me up all week, all thats left on this sucker are the buttonholes and buttons!

I have enough black buttons and enough tan buttons to do the button placket on the skirt, but I did the topstitching in white, which makes me think that I need to go buy white buttons.


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Spring Palette Challenge Week 5

Halfway there!  This week I finished up the New Look 6808 blouse.


Its super wrinkly and needs to go in the wash pronto!  I really like how the print turned out on this top.  Its not something I would wear everyday because it isn’t as super comfy as my everyday clothes but I would definitely wear this to work.  In a few months my “everyday” clothes will be my work clothes so I really need to build my work wardrobe.

This top needs a good ironing, some funky accessories, and a red Beignet skirt to go with it!  The Beignet skirt is up next, hopefully I’ll have it all stitched together this weekend, and I’ll be able to pick up some buttons for it on Monday.

Spring Palette Challenge Week 4

As you saw in the last post I have started sewing together NL6808 and keeping with my schedule that I made, I got the beignet skirt cut out.  I’m using red twill from, I didn’t get the fabric until tuesday so I couldn’t have it cut out last week.  The twill is so lovely and lightweight, I decided not to line this beignet.  I’ll serge the insides and also leave off the pockets.  I do love a nice pocket but I want to see if the skirt has a more slimming look without the pocket bulge.  I might serge this before I do the new look blouse because this fabric was only $4.98/ yd and I have plenty left to cut out new pieces, and the AMH voile was bunches more expensive and I only have a little bit left (that I’d like to save for something else!)

Serger class starts tomorrow!  I’m very excite to finally learn how to use this wacko machine.  I picked it up from my parents’ house a few weeks ago but I forgot the power cord/pedal.  So last night I called home and asked my mom to grab it for me so I could pick it up Friday afternoon before the class…it wasn’t there!  So my mom and I have spent the last day going through our respective dwellings searching for this pedal/cord and neither one of us found it.  Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn (which is 8 am to me) I’ll be calling a local sewing parts warehouse to see if I can pick it up there.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Posting may be a little slow next week as I have 3 tests and engagement party #2, hopefully I’ll have some pictures from Serger 101 to share!

NL6808, Spring Palette Progress

The darts are sewn in and the front and back are pinned together.  I’m waiting until I have some serger skills to do the seams, then hopefully this lovely voile will last more than a few rounds in the wash because the seams will be nicely finished.

This is my 3rd time using this pattern, but my first time with this version.  I’ve made 2 of version E, the sleeveless with the big collar and bow.  Both of the Es I’ve made were made of slightly stretchy fabric so I eliminated the side zipper and made the top a little big so it could slip over my head.  This voile has no stretch so I’m doing the side zip this time, I think the top might be too big so I might have to take it in (I’m making the smallest size in this pattern, 8 and I usually make a 6 in other patterns and take it in a bit).

I also think I should flat set the sleeves since I’m going to use the serger, it might be easier than trying to set them in the round.  Thoughts?

This fabric has been a dream so far, its so smooth and easy to work with.  I had originally planned on going with quilting cotton for 2 other garments in the challenge but now I think the voile is totally worth the extra money!  I might stick with the plain cotton on the Chantilly dress, overlock it and leave it unlined, because lined summer dresses in the Georgia heat are not the best decision.

Week 3 Update

I purchased the AMH voile above yesterday from Whipstitch in Midtown Atlanta.  I’m going to make version A without the cuffs and maybe scoop the neckline a little more.  I’m taking Serger 101 at Whipstitch this month!  I’m very excited about finally learning to work this crazy machine, I think it will make my sewing so much easier and faster.





I bought the red twill from and it should be arriving in a few days (their warehouse is like 15 miles from me, so I get my orders pretty quickly) and I’ve had the beignet pattern for a while.  I just realized that I’ve already made 2 garments from each of these patterns. I made 2 of version E of the New Look pattern this summer, one beignet last spring and one this summer.

I may have been inspired by the reds and blues on the Colette Patterns packaging 🙂 It so pretty and the colors complement each other so well.



Spring Palette Challenge…Week 3

Shopping List:

For New Look 6808 version A (modified)

1 3/8 yds of Innocent Crush Voile Shattered Sky by Anna Maria Horner

A matching 16″ zipper (this seems like a big zipper for a blouse)

For Colette Patterns Beignet

2 yds of Lightweight cotton twill in Red

12 3/4″ buttons

For M5929 Version A

2yds of Little Folks Voile Diamond Mine in Pomegranate by Anna Maria Horner

5 1/2″ buttons

For M6124 Version C

2yds of Innocent Crush Woodcut Sass Blue by Anna Maria Horner

8 1/2″ buttons

For Colette Patterns Chantilly

4 yds of Innocent Crush Maybe Indigo

4 1/2 yds of lining

16″ invisible zipper


Since we have 7 weeks to finish these garments for the sew along I’ve come up with a schedule for myself

Week 3: Buy for NL 6808 and Beignet, cut out pieces

Week 4: Sew NL 6808 and Beignet

Week 5: Buy for M5929 and M6124, cut out pieces

Week 6: Sew M5929 and M6124

Week 7: Finish sewing M5929 and M6124, Buy for Chantilly

Week 8: Cut out Chantilly

Week 9: Sew Chantilly

Week 10: Finish sewing Chantilly and have a mini photo shoot!


Week 10 also happens to be my spring break 🙂

Spring Palette Challenge…catching up

The week 2 part of the spring palette challenge is to choose your patterns and fabrics, which was easy for me because I already picked my fabrics, I just needed  to go through my pattern stash and decide what to make.

From left to right:

New Look 6808 in AMH innocent crush voile

Colette Patterns Beignet in Dark Red cotton twill

McCalls 6124 in AMH Innocent Crush cotton

McCalls 5929 in AMH Little Folks voile

Colette Patterns Chantilly in AMH Innocent crush cotton

If I don’t have time or money to finish all of these I’m throwing out M6124 because I don’t have this pattern yet so if I don’t do it then I don’t have to go buy it.

I’ll be going to Whipstitch to get what I can and the rest will be from

Next week I’ll get started on the New Look blouse (because its the easiest)

Spring Palette Challenge

Sarai over at Colette Patterns is doing the Spring Palette Challenge, I’m a little behind, last week we were supposed to come up with our palette and inspiration for the challenge and here’s mine.  I’m really digging blues and muted reds and Anna Maria Horner (as you can see).

For this challenge I would like to make 4 or 5 garments.  1 or 2 dresses, 1 skirt and 2 or 3 tops.  I have some tights in that muted red color that I love so I want more clothes to go with my tights.

Later this week I’ll have my pattern choices and maybe some sketches (if I can get my scanner to work) posted