At the beginning of my WR pledge I set a goal for myself to make:

2-3 skirts

4 tops/blouses:

This is the latest top, from New Look 6808 which I rushed out to buy after seeing Zoe’s super cute chinese takeaway top.  I also find myself not attracted to New Look patterns because they look so dated, but this simple top pattern was very easy and I can see myself making alot of the sleeved versions for work.

and my last but certainly not least goal for my WR pledge was to finish the pants I started in February and here they are ladies and gents( if there are any gents reading)

I used the Built by Wendy pants pattern and cut a 10, thinking they would be huge and I’d have to cut them down a bit but they ended up fitting almost perfectly, the waist band is a little loose, but so are waistbands on all the store-bought pants I own (I’m a pear, though I don’t like to admit it).  I messed up on the crotch, but I don’t think it is visible unless you are a few inches from my crotch, so they are wearable!

Toss a cardigan on this outfit and its work appropriate 🙂

All I have left is one more top.  I started an Anthrocopie top last night but I’m not using a pattern so I don’t know how it will turn out.  I also got Sencha in the mail last week and already have fabric waiting for her, so I’m not sure which one to finish first.  Which top would you like to see next, the Anthrocopie or Sencha?




WR confusion

More Confused (Confusion 2) by Waldo#4.

I excitedly told my mother that I was participating in Wardrobe Refashion for 2 months and I thought that I had explained the concept pretty well and explained my goals of sewing more for everyday, but…

It seems that she mistook my thriftyness and creativity for poverty* and she bought me a new, very nice ($300) dress.  So during this 2 month hiatus from clothes shopping, is it ok to accept gifts like this?  Should I wait until the end of my pledge to wear it/ take it home from mom’s house?  Do I use my get out of jail free card? 

This situation got me thinking about other things that may come up if I do WR long term. 

For my birthday my relatives like to give gift cards (they don’t like giving money, but a card with monetary value is fine)  and I get at least one gift card to a clothing store, so what would a WRer for life do with such a thing?  I thought of buying accessories at the store but what if they don’t have any decent accessories?

the photo is from Waldo#4’s flickr

*I am not by any means bashing anyone for doing WR to save money, I’m a college student I understand the art of thrift and saving money, but I explained (very clearly, I thought) to my mother that that was not my intention in giving myself this challenge.