I’ve moved!

This morning I took the plunge and moved over to a self-hosted blog, you can find me at katimade.com from now on.


Planning my fall wardrobe – Part 1

I’ve given up on planning a summer wardrobe this year, there just wasn’t any time.  I’m ready to start planning for fall!   I’m starting off by identifying gaps in my wardrobe.

Clothes I need for Fall:

1.  Work appropriate blouses – because hopefully I’ll have a job this fall

2.  Cute football game clothes – I foresee a white and old gold color palette for this fall.

3.  A fall cocktail dress – most of my party dresses are summery and I have 2 weddings to go to this fall.

Next – Pattern research!

Secret Project blocks

I have 3 out of I don’t know how many blocks finished for my secret project and I’m digging it so far.

I’m thinking of sashing between the blocks for the sole purpose of this project taking less time, since I now have about 2 months to finish it in addition to school and work and a week in Paris and planning the wedding.

Bias Tape for the New Wave Quilt

I made bias tape for the new wave quilt!  I looked through the selection of premade  bias tapes and blanket bindings at the fabric store and was really unhappy with the options.  I looked at the Simplicity bias tape maker but that thing sets you back 100 smackeroos and you have to buy different size attachments to make different widths of bias tape.

Dana put up a tutorial not too long ago on how to make your own bias tape so I went to Whipstitch and bought a bias tape maker (the $7.50 one not the $100 simplicity one) and half a yard of fabric and followed the tutorial et voila!

I stuck with my green theme for the New Wave Quilt and got a green kind of leafy print with white in the negative space.  I stitched it on the quilt this morning and it is in the washer as we speak getting all soft and crinkly 🙂 Photos when its dry!

Whipstitch Groupon!

Hey all if you live in or around Atlanta, the groupon for today is $40 of Whipstitch merchandise for $20, they also have some deals for classes!

Check it out here

There is a 1 per person limit, but you can buy 1 extra for a friend.  I bought 1 for myself, this will help out when I go in tomorrow to buy fabric for binding the New wave Quilt and for Serger 101.

There will be a post later today with my Spring Palette Challenge progress.

Tons of blog spam

I checked the blog tonight and all of a sudden my views skyrocketed today and I had like a billion spam comments!  Has anyone else had this problem?  How do I stop the spam stuff?  I’d like to know how many people are actually reading my blog without all the spam!

Craft Book Challenge Month 1

This month I made the OBI-INSPIRED HOT AND COLD PACK from ONE YARD WONDERS by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.  This project was designed by Jessica Roberts.

I upcycled the fabric, it was from an Old Navy dress with a ripped strap in my repair pile.  I decided that the dress wasn’t all that flattering to begin with but I bought it because I loved the print so why not make it into something else!

Up next month, something from SEW U Homestretch!