Leaving the Wedding Dress

No photos yet but I will tell you that I’m almost finished with my dress from the last post.  I worked on it for 6 hours straight yesterday.  Not doing any sewing for myself in the past 2 months meant I was ready to sit down and FOCUS!!!!!  I drafted the pattern, cut the pieces, sewed the bodice, added lace inserts, sewed the skirt, attached it, inserted the invisible zip (4 times!) and trimmed the lace for the hem.  HOW IS THAT FOR A PRODUCTIVE SUNDAY?  All I have left is the hem and minor fit adjustments and then it is finished.

I found my camera yesterday, but I can’t find the cord to connect my camera to my computer so I can’t show you the dress progress.  I figure the pictures my photographer takes will look a bajillion times better than any I can take anyway so you can wait for those.  You can also wait to see all the fabricy goodness in the wedding.

Today I sewed for about 30 seconds, to alter the dress I’m wearing on Friday to the rehearsal.  I found the perfect dress for the occasion for $13 but it was only available in a large, so I bought it and took it in real quick.

I’m eagerly awaiting the day when I have no more thank you notes to write and can sew to my hearts content everyday after work and twice on weekends!


Back from Paris…

I’m back from Paris and I have one more week off and lots of sewing and wedding things to do!  I’ll post later with some of the clothes that I made just in time to take with me to Paris, and some that I didn’t finish in time I’ll be finishing this week.  I’ll also start working on a bajillion yards of fabric bunting and the guestbook quilt for my wedding.  Today I’m going to try to finish my Chantilly dress, in AMH voile, then go fabric shopping for above mentioned wedding things.

Secret Project…Almost finished!

I finished the quilt top this afternoon, later tonight I’ll put together the quilt sandwich.  I need to go get more thread tomorrow to quilt it.  I’ve been using up all the leftover thread in all of the light colors that I have for the piecing and now I’m out of light colors.

I’ll wait to post photos of the project until after I give it in case of espionage.

This morning I drafted a t-shirt pattern and cut out a skirt, that hopefully I’ll get to sew tomorrow.  I also have my first wedding dress fitting tomorrow *fingers crossed* that it fits!

What I’ve been doing this week

The date is officially set, on Saturday July 9th, 2011 I’ll be marrying my best friend!  Now its time to let everyone know, so I made our save the dates this week.

Printing, cutting, and stamping our save the dates, and stamping (return address stamping and postage stamping) and addressing envelopes.  Making 125 of these suckers has proven difficult but the major price difference between making then and buying them was totally worth it for me.  I still have about 10 left and then their off to their respective mailboxes!

Oh my…

So I went to try on wedding dresses on Monday, just to make sure that I had the right style of dress in mind for my body.  And ladies I don’t think I can make my wedding dress.  The attention to detail and the workmanship in these gowns is PHENOMENAL!!!!!  I did find one gown that I LOVED (I don’t know if its the one though) this gown takes the dressmakers 6 months to make.  Considering that I’m getting married exactly 8 months from tomorrow I wouldn’t have time to make anything near as fabulous as the gowns I tried on Monday, with school, work, graduation, and all the other wedding planning junk I just don’t see my dress getting finished in time.

I’ve almost given up on trying to make my dress.  I’m still going to try more dresses on to see if I can find something equally as fabulous but maybe easier to make but I just don’t see it happening right now.

Personal Stuff

AHHH where have I been since you’ve heard from me?   I got engaged!  So I’ve been in the whirlwind of talking to everyone I’ve ever met and telling them about my engagement.

So here’s the story:

Scene 1: November 20th, 2010, Kati’s messy apartment

We open, Kati has just gotten off work and Lee has met her at her apartment, she is exhausted and hungry and all sorts of general crankiness.  Kati gets a phone call from a friend.  While Kati is in the phone in the other room, Lee hides the ring box inside the coconut shell house of their pet toad (Wilson).  Kati reenters the room, off the phone.

Lee: I got a present for Wilson, its underneath the coco house.

Kati: OOOOOO!  Is the present new crickets?

Kati lifts up the coco house to find a white ring box.

Kati: This isn’t for Wilson! (Kati opens box)

Lee: Will you marry me?

Kati: YES!

hugs and kisses

Lee: Put on a nice dress I have a surprise for you.


Scene 2: Also November 20th, 2010, The Buckhead Club

Lee surprises Kati with a lovely dinner at the Buckhead Club, where she is surprised to find that her parents and brother, as well as Lee’s mom are there waiting to share in the excitement of the newly engaged couple.

So there is the story.  I am planning on making my wedding dress, but I am going dress shopping for several reasons:

1.  It’s fun

2.  I don’t know what style of dress I want to make, would hate to spend forever making a dress only to have it turn out to not look good on me

3.  I’m going to spy on all the construction details in all the high end designer wedding dresses, since I’m not planning on actually buying a dress I can try on the most expensive ones!